“Goddess of China” Tang Wei, commuting-to-school look is long padding

The commuting-to-school look of “Goddess of China” Tang Wei has been revealed

On Nov 29th, Chinese media outlet Sohu.com reported, “Recently, a netizen coincidentally encountered Tang Wei in Beijing. Tang Wei was waiting for her 7-year-old daughter, who attends a private school, wearing a black long padded coat and a cap.

Accompanying the report were photos showing Tang Wei engaging in conversation with someone while dressed in a simple manner. Despite being loved in both Korea and China as “Goddess of China”, Tang Wei’s ordinary appearance while waiting for her child resonates with many as that of any regular parent.

tang wei

Born in 1979, Tang Wei rose to stardom in 2007 with her remarkable performance in the film “Lust, Caution”. Following her appearance in director Kim Tae-yong’s film “Late Autumn” in 2011, she made a breakthrough as a top star and continued her success with roles in “Finding Mr. Right”, “The Golden Era” and “Ming Dynasty”.

Especially last year, she garnered significant attention by becoming the first foreign actress to win the Best Actress award at the Blue Dragon Film Awards with the film “Decision to Leave”.

Tang Wei married director Kim Tae-yong in 2014 and gave birth to her daughter “Summer” in Hong Kong in 2016.

Source: Nate

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