Girls’ Generation’s Yoona Faced Racial Discrimination at the 2024 Cannes Films Festival? 

A security guard at the Cannes Film Festival allegedly committed racial discrimination towards various guests, including Yoona. 

On May 26 (local time), international media, including India’s prominent English newspaper, Times of India, reported that Yoona was subjected to racially discriminatory treatment by a security guard at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival.

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Previously, Yoona attended the 77th Cannes Film Festival on May 21 as the only Korean ambassador for a jewelry brand. Appearing in a pink dress, she shone at the festival with her neat updo and radiant appearance.

However, it was reported that Yoona received rude treatment from a security guard on that day. In the video of the incident, Yoona can be seen trying to pose for the press while ascending the stairs.

At that moment, a female security guard blocked Yoona with her hand, preventing her from posing. Although Yoona looked visibly shocked, she calmly smiled and waved, but the security guard didn’t allow even that.

im yoon ah-lhp

The security guard then gestured for Yoona to enter the venue quickly, leaving Yoona to enter with a disappointed look.

The media reported, “Yoona’s reaction appeared calm, but she clearly looked uncomfortable.”

The issue is that the female security guard’s behavior was not only directed at Yoona. The media claimed that the security guard exhibited excessive control only towards women of color.

In contrast, white women were able to pose on the same stairs without any interference.

In fact, African-American singer Kelly Rowland also faced similar discrimination when she attended the Cannes Film Festival last week. Dominican actress Massiel Taveras reportedly experienced discriminatory treatment as well.

Videos on social media platforms like X (formerly Twitter) have gone viral, showing Kelly Rowland pushing the female security guard and protesting vigorously.

Additionally, Massiel Taveras was seen in a video arguing with a security guard when she tried to showcase her dress adorned with a large portrait of Jesus Christ.

Massiel Taveras directly expressed on her Instagram, “I was racially discriminated against at the Cannes Film Festival,” adding, “A security guard pushed me and used abusive language.”

As these issues have been raised, netizens are demanding the immediate dismissal of the security guard, calling it clear racial discrimination.

Source: Insight

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