Former YG Trainee Kang Seojin Set to Debut as an Actress?

Former YG trainee Kang Seojin’s shift from idol aspirations to actress debut under YG STAGE’s guidance captures fans’ curiosity.

Kang Seojin, a name familiar to fans of YG Entertainment, is making headlines for a new career path. Born in 2000, Kang Seojin had been a dedicated trainee at YG, with high hopes of becoming the next generation of female idols under the company. However, despite years of training, the coveted debut opportunity in YG’s upcoming girl group BABYMONSTER eluded her, leaving fans disappointed.

kang seojin

After nearly a decade of pursuing her dream of becoming a K-pop idol, Kang Seojin’s journey has taken an unexpected turn. Recent developments have caught the attention of her fans.

Followers of the @yg_stage account, known for promoting YG Entertainment’s actors, were quick to spot that the account had started following Kang Seojin’s personal account. To add to the intrigue, Kang Seojin’s personal account now exclusively follows YG STAGE’s official account.

kang seojin

This development has led to speculation that Kang Seojin is transitioning to the realm of acting. With a rich history of training under YG Entertainment as well as SM Entertainment, her departure from the path of becoming an idol is a significant moment for Kang Seojin. Kang Seojin is now poised to embark on a new chapter as an actress.

Fans eagerly anticipate Kang Seojin’s debut as an actress under YG STAGE. This marks a fresh start and a chance for Kang Seojin to shine in a different spotlight, capturing hearts once again with her beauty and talent.

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