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Former Taesaja member, Kim Hyung-jun revealed a heart-breaking past as a “victim of school violence” on “Dr. Oh’s Golden Clinic” 

The former idol talked of school bullying, reconnecting with his mother and financial state. 

A famous singer whose mother was bullied just because she was a ‘Japanese’

Kim Hyung-jun, a member of the most popular idol group Taesaja in the 1990s, recently came onto Chanel A’s “Dr. Oh’s Golden Clinic” to talk about the bullies and abuse he endured at school due to his mother’s origin as a Japanese. 

In Channel A’s “Dr. Oh’s Golden Clinic” that aired on the afternoon of the 4th, Kim Hyung-jun made an appearance with his mother, Kim Gyeon-ji, to share his concerns.

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On this day, he confessed that it was difficult to talk or talk to his mother face to face, and that he talked on the phone once every three months and communicated mostly through messenger.

Kim Hyung-jun said that it was easier to communicate with his mother by text message than by phone since he was young.

The reason why Kim Hyung-joon doesn’t talk to his mother on the phone

It stemmed from the inflected Japanese accent and pronunciation of his mother’s Korean that dissuaded him from talking to her on the phone. 

Also, when he was 46 years old this year, he continued to be bullied because Koreans had a lot of prejudice against Japanese people, starting when he was in elementary school.

His friends pointed out to Kim Hyung-jun, “What’s wrong with your mother’s pronunciation?” and eventually, he even grabbed the tip of his tongue and hung on, saying he couldn’t understand his mother’s words.

kim hyung jun

In addition, he confessed that he had prayed earnestly, saying, “Korea should win”, when there was a sports match between Korea and Japan.

This is because if Japan had won, he would have been beaten by children in the same class.

When Kim Hyung-jun was in his third year of elementary school, a day after Korea lost to Japan in a football match, said “Come here. Your mother’s side X, right?”

Kim Hyung-jun’s mother also felt alienated from her parents

Deeply hurt by this stigma, the former singer introduced his mother to others as a Korean-Japanese, not a Japanese.

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He continued to hide his mother’s nationality while working as a member of the first-generation idol group Taesaja.

In response to his story, Hyung-jun’s mother said “I’m sorry”, to which he said “I’m more heartbroken,” adding the regret.

His mother also confessed that she also felt discriminated against as a Japanese. She felt the cold gaze of other parents when there were meetings requiring a parent at school.

On the same show, Kim Hyung-joon said he had never given his parents pocket money, and even received 800.000 won per month from his father.

kim hyung jun

He also opted for ‘revolving credit’, commonly referred to as ‘blocking’, to prevent credit card payments from being overdue.

He continued to shock everyone by saying that he once had 50 million won in credit card payments that he failed to repay.

In addition, he received a four-year scholarship after entering Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in the past, and his scholarship was canceled because he spent all his money drinking in the first semester of his first year and received a degree warning.

Listening to Kim Hyung-jun’s side of the story, Dr. Oh was not hesitant to criticize the person who could not leave his parents’ side with financial help even after his 40s, telling that he was a “’parasite’ child”.

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