Former member Daisy left a really cold comment on the news of Momoland’s disbandment

Daisy (real name Yoo Jung Ahn) left a cold reaction to the news of Momoland’s disbandment.

On Feb 15th, a post titled “Former member’s reaction to the news of Momoland’s disbandment” spread on online communities such as FM Korea and DogDrip.

The post contained a screenshot of a comment on Daisy’s TikTok channel. On her TikTok channel, a foreign fan commented, “Your group left mld ent.” Daisy responded coldly, “I don’t give a flying XXXX. But like no hard feelings to you.”

Previously, Momoland’s agency MLD Entertainment announced in November 2019 that they were discussing Daisy’s withdrawal. However, Daisy claimed that she told the agency in May that she wanted to resume her activities, but did not get a chance for 8 months after that.


The agency refuted, “Unlike Daisy’s claim, Momoland has never carried out official domestic album activities during this period.” Afterwards, Daisy filed a lawsuit against MLD Entertainment, and the court ruled in favor partially of Daisy in the settlement suit. MLD Entertainment objected and appealed.

Daisy recently said through a SNS live broadcast, “I didn’t leave Momoland. I was fired. Everything is fine because it’s already in the past. I don’t know why I was kicked out of Momoland.”

Momoland decided to end their activities with the termination of their contract with the agency on Jan 27th. On Feb 15th, 6 members of Momoland (JooE, Nancy, Ahin, Nayun, Jane, Hyebin) delivered their final greetings to fans by posting handwritten letters containing the same content.

Source: wikitree

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