Fans Angered as HYBE Neglects ENHYPEN while Defending ILLIT with All Their Might

According to fans, the HYBE subsidiary Belift Lab only pays attention to ILLIT while ignoring their other artist - ENHYPEN. 

Recently, Belift Lab, a subsidiary of HYBE, announced that they are filing a lawsuit against Min Hee-jin, the CEO of NewJeans’ agency – ADOR, for defamation of their artist, ILLIT. This is a response to Min Hee-jin’s accusations that ILLIT copied NewJeans’ concept and promotion strategy. 

So far, many fans have been excited that Belift Lab is finally stepping up to protect ILLIT. However, others have expressed frustration, as Belift Lab’s other artist – ENHYPEN, is facing various issues without any protection or action from their agency. 

enhypen illit

“Belift (is) turning a blind eye when it comes to their ultimate money makers (ENHYPEN)”, a fan stated, adding that the boy group have suffered from malicious posts, defamation, and accusations for 4 years, only for Belift to never release any statement. 

“When enha (short for ENHYPEN) received massive hate train, you stayed silent and did nothing”, another lamented, adding the rather crude words of “F*CK BELIFT”. 

Additionally, ENHYPEN also had to experience obsessive fans stalking them on flights, mocking the members directly during fancalls, and being mobbed in public faces – all ignored by Belift and adding to the ire of fans.

Source: Krb, X

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