Ex-Fantasy Boys Yoo Jun-won loses contract lawsuit “All requests rejected”

Yoo Jun-won (20) lost in the lawsuit for a provisional disposition to suspend the effectiveness of the exclusive contract

On Nov 24th, the Seoul Western District Court’s Civil Division 21 rejected all of Yoo Jun-won’s requests for the suspension of the effectiveness of the exclusive contract against Phunky Studio, the production company of MBC’s “Fantasy Boys“. The litigation costs are also to be borne by the creditor.

The court stated, “Between the creditor and the debtor, there is only an abstract agreement in which the creditor agrees to participate in the debtor’s incubating system for 5 years and perform entertainment activities, entrusting management and agency rights to the debtor. There is no specific agreement regarding the exclusive contract.” They cited this as the reason for rejecting the application.

fantasy boys Yoo Jun-won

The court added, “There is no basis for the debtor to engage in acts such as negotiating, concluding contracts with third parties regarding the creditor’s entertainment activities, or raising direct objections to the creditor’s entertainment activities in the current situation. It is difficult to perceive any concerns that the debtor will engage in such actions.”

Meanwhile, Yoo Jun-won was selected as the first place in the “Fantasy Boys” debut group but did not join the team before the official debut due to issues such as being absent without leave and claiming unfair profit distribution rates. Subsequently, Yoo Jun-won filed a lawsuit against Phunky Studio for the suspension of the exclusive contract, and Phunky Studio also filed a 3 billion won damage suit against Yoo Jun-won.

Source: Daum

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