Entertainment venue female employee involved in “Lee Sun-kyun drug case” was sent to the prosecution

An adult entertainment worker linked to actor Lee Sun-kyun’s drug case faces prosecution for Philopon use

On Dec 6th, the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency’s drug crime investigation unit announced that they sent A (26, female), the adult entertainment establishment employee who was booked without detention on charges of psychotropic drugs under the Narcotics Control Act, to the prosecution.

A is accused of using Philopon along with B (29, female), the adult entertainment establishment head who was already arrested and indicted on the same charges.

She attended the police on Nov 2nd as a suspect and is said to have generally admitted to charges of using Philopon.

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Among the 10 people investigated or internally investigated by the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency for drug use, including actor Lee and singer G-Dragon (35, real name Kwon Ji-yong), three people, including A, were sent to the prosecution. Investigations are ongoing for 4 people, including Lee and Kwon.

Lee and Kwon tested negative for drugs in preliminary tests and detailed analyses by the National Forensic Service.

A police official said, “We haven’t considered whether to summon Lee again. It hasn’t been decided when the investigation into Kwon will end.”

Source: Wikitree

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