Does a nice and sincere man like Du Sik (Kim Seon Ho) exist in real life?

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha – a healing dose for your wounded soles in one of the tiring days – is composed of no dramatic events or bustling urban scenes. The series revolves around small and simple stories in daily life, but integrates awakening lessons that we all can draw from.

As for Hye Jin (Shin Min Ah), it’s not hard to see that she’s gradually warming up to others, thanks to Chief Hong and the locals in the small Gongjin Village. But for Du Sik, he also goes through subtle changes that it is not easy for every viewer to recognize.

Does a nice and sincere man like Du Sik (Kim Seon Ho) exist in real life?

What do you think about leaving behind the hustle and bustle of city life to return to a small country village that is not as well-developed, but brings about a sense of peace and tranquility? Many young people wouldn’t opt for this relocation. But for Hong Du Sik (Kim Seon Ho), his approach to life might be different, as he leaves the booming prosperity of Seoul, ditching his shot for more personal growth to return to Gongjin.

Does a nice and sincere man like Du Sik (Kim Seon Ho) exist in real life?

The viewers and characters of the series both have always wondered why such a talented person like Chief Hong makes such a decision. As mysteries of Du Sik’s past are gradually being revealed in the final episodes, it turns out what he really needs is serenity and peace of mind, rather than a loaded life with a stable career.

When Hye Jin first arrives in Gongjin Village, like it is destined to happen, she once again encounters Du Sik. Her seemingly little, supposedly meaningless words and actions actually have such a huge impact on Chief Hong’s mental pain that he has been trying to hide for five years.

Does a nice and sincere man like Du Sik (Kim Seon Ho) exist in real life?

Du Sik is adored for what he does for everyone around him, for the one he loves. Viewers are envious of Hye Jin when she has a boyfriend who is not only considerate but also devoted to her. When he hasn’t opened up himself to Hye Jin, most viewers thought it is his shadowy past that holds him back, but it is not always the case. He clearly states in the drama that he doesn’t think he would grow fond of Hye Jin that much, which means he used to be unprepared, even unwilling to love anyone, not considering someone like himself worthy of a genuine love.

With a heart that always cares for others, Du Sik is a man that women always dream of. Du Sik is also mature and understanding. The man wouldn’t let her be anxious for him, as he says to Hyejin: “You use the money that is hard-earned to reward yourself. Why bother with my thoughts? I don’t mind that. So feel free to do whatever you want to!” After watching this scene, viewers truly feel warm-hearted. Who would not want to have such a supportive boyfriend like Du Sik? 

Some viewers might be a little unfamiliar with Du Sik not using Korean honorifics, even with older people. But Du Sik has lived alone since childhood, as he lacks family affection, his way of talking without honorifics just shows how much he wants to be close to people, the same ways as he wants to be with his family again.

Despite having experienced upheavals that cause him traumas , in front of everyone, he is always a warm character who generates positive energy. He once says to Hye Jin’s father: “Hye Jin has received enough love growing up, otherwise she wouldn’t become such an affectionate person” Thanks to the mature Hong Du Sik who has the courage to face up someone that might have made him more wounded, Hye Jin’s father gradually overcomes his fear.

Many viewers believe that Hong Du Sik’s true personality is not as cheerful and higgledy-piggledy as Chief Hong that we often see. But the dentist Hye Jin, a kind hearted woman, is expected to be the cure to heal the traumatized Hong Du Sik.

Surely, thanks to love, however deep, the wounds will gradually be healed, and the heart will once again boldly open to bathe in sunshine. It just needs a little more time. In the upcoming final episodes, Chief Hong will probably open up more about the past he has gone through. 

Set aside the solitary soul that he was in the past, viewers also praise the gentle and gradual way the writer builds the emotional transition of Du Sik as the male lead. Let’s continue to support the drama and  look forward to the secrets that will come to light in the upcoming episodes!

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