Dispatch reveals the way Jamboree organizer recruits idols for its upcoming concert, “BTS goods will be sold there”

Dispatch met with entertainment agencies’ representatives to ask about their preparation for the 2023 Jamboree concert.

It is obvious that BTS cannot join the upcoming Jamboree K-pop Super Live concert. Jin and J-Hope are serving in the military, Suga has just announced his enlistment plan, and V is also in the middle of his solo album preparation.

However, instead of BTS’s appearance, HYBE will provide BTS goods and photocards for the event at the request of Jamboree organizer. It is said that 45,000 units of merchandise are being prepared urgently.


Jamboree organizer plans to use a K-pop concert and idol groups as a “gift” to please Jamboree participants and replace all the controversies they have recently caused into good K-pop memories.

Regarding artists’ attendance and preparation for the Jamboree concert, Dispatch also asked staff from various entertainment agencies from the 8th and 10th of August. 

Some officials said, “Do we have the power to refuse a national event? Once there is a request for attendance, we have no choice but to match our schedules with it”.

It is true that recruiting idols for events cannot be done overnight. Famous idols have 2-3 activities a day and during their comeback period, they will have to digest more schedules, including fanmeetings, fansigning events, interviews, photoshoots, content filming, live broadcasts, etc. 

However, the Jamboree organizer doesn’t care about that since the concert venue and date have been changed twice, making the current situation an emergency.

Agency A’s representative complained, “We canceled our schedule to attend the event on the 6th but they suddenly changed it to the 11th, so we are currently adjusting the schedule again. Seems like the organizer really doesn’t understand idol schedules”. 

Agency B’s staff added, “Our company and artists poured every effort for this album promotion but our plan has been ruined due to Jamboree’s date and location changes”. Agency C’s staff said, “If a schedule is canceled, we will have to bear complaints from fans and losses from rescheduling activities”.


In fact, Jamboree organizer tried to do everything to mobilize as many K-pop idols for the event as possible. According to agency E’s representative, the production team of KBS’s “Music Bank” was in charge of recruiting idols for Jamboree event. “They canceled ‘Music Bank’ broadcast and tell idols to perform at Jamboree concert instead of the music show. It’s a national event so they’re going to do anything they can”, they said.

K-pop singers are scheduled to gather in Sangam-dong from the morning of August 11th. The cue sheet and other program details are not yet released. On-site, they will confirm the order and conduct a dry rehearsal.

During the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup, South Korea reached the semifinals. Everyone wanted a celebration, and impromptu congratulatory performances by singers were arranged.

At that time, it was a nationwide festival and people attended voluntarily. However, the 2023 Jamboree Concert has a different context. It appears to carry a larger justification to make up for the organizer’s mistake.

Source: Naver

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