Dispatch introduces its global edition “DIPE” on the occasion of 10th anniversary

Dispatch will supply English-language news to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its foundation. The name of Dispatch’s global edition is “DIPE”.

DIPE” is a website for K-pop fans around the world. It deals with news from various idols such as BTS, ENHYPEN, NCT, NU’EST, SEVENTEEN, Stray Kids, TXT and TWICE.

Exclusive K-pop news covered by “DIPE” will be provided in English. You can enjoy Dispatch‘s exclusive contents such as high-definition photos, selfies, behind-the-scenes cuts, interviews, videos and fashion in English.


The “D-icon” section, a photo magazine created by Dispatch, was also prepared. It collected 12 separate photobook series of K-pop stars. You can watch teasers and behind-the-scenes videos in one place.

DIPE‘s open interview was graced by SEVENTEEN Woozi. In addition, ATEEZ‘s HD photos in Santa Monica, USA will be released exclusively. You can also enjoy various aspects of K-pop’s fourth-generation girl groups such as Kep1er and StayC.

Meanwhile, Dispatch has 11 million Instagram followers. About 5.5 million people on Facebook and 470,000 people on Twitter usually share its news.

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