Disparities in Album Prices Reflecting Popularity Among Girl Group Members as Shown on Naver

The individual popularity of members within a K-pop group can significantly impact various aspects, including album prices

A recent examination of album prices on Naver, a popular online platform in Korea, reveals interesting disparities in the pricing of albums between popular and less popular members in top K-pop girl groups. 

Album prices for popular members are consistently higher than the original, and in some cases, they even sell out. On the other hand, albums for less popular members, despite price cuts, still struggle to sell out.


  • Giant ver. Winter (+3,000 won) (sold out)
  • Giant ver. Karina (+3,000 won) (sold out)
  • Scene ver. Ningning (-3,100 won)
  • Scene ver. Giselle (-3,100 won)
  • Scene ver. Winter (sold out)
  • Scene ver. Winter (+5,000 won)
  • Scene ver. Karina (+5,000 won)

Red Velvet

red velvet
  • Smart Smini ver. Wendy (+100 won)
  • Smart Smini ver. Joy (+100 won)
  • Smart Smini ver. Seulgi (+5,100won)
  • Smart Smini ver. Irene (+16,000 won)
  • Package Box ver. Wendy (+6,200 won)
  • Package Box ver. Joy (+6,200 won)
  • Package Box ver. Seulgi (+11,200 won)
  • Package Box ver. Irene (+21,200 won)


ive thumbnail
  • Digipack Yujin ver. (+7,100 won)
  • Digipack Liz ver. (-5,900 won)
  • Digipack Leeseo ver. (-5,900 won)
  • Digipack Wonyoung ver. (+7,100 won)
  • Digipack Rei ver. (-1,900 won)


  • Danielle (-11,000 won)
  • Hyein (-11,000 won)
  • Hanni (+5,000 won)
  • Haerin (+5,000 won)


  • Yunjin Green (Compact ver.) (+1,000 won)
  • Kazuha Blue (Compact ver.) (+1,000 won)
  • Sakura Pink (Compact ver.) (+1,000 won)
  • Eunchae Red (Compact ver.) (+7,000 won)
  • Chaewon Silver (Compact ver.) (+12,000 won)

The observed pricing differentials reflect fans’ buying power and established fandoms of each member. Popular members consistently drive album prices higher, often resulting in swift sell-outs.

Source: Nate

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