Dara (2NE1)’s best friend revealed how she deals with the celebrities who flirt with her

Dara (2NE1) was born in Busan, Korea before moving to the Philippines. She lived there for 10 years than returned to Korea to pursue her dream of being a singer.

Before returning to Korea, Dara had had experience in the music industry. Since becoming a piece of 2NE1, she is loved not just by the Korean public but also the Philippines people. Audiences along with other artists are fond of Dara. One of them was Dara’s best friend who is a Korean gagman working in the Philippines – Ryan Bang.

When appearing on a Korean TV show, Ryan Bang shared the friendship between him and Dara as well as the interesting stories about this beautiful girl.

Ryan Bang revealed that whenever they were in Korea or the Philippines, they would go out or plan a long trip together: “Ever since I wasn’t famous, Dara always invited me to eat and take care of me very well whenever I came to Korea.”

In addition, Ryan shared about Dara‘s popularity when she debuted in the Philippines: Dara is extremely popular and loved there. She even moves between schedules by helicopter! Top celebrities in the Philippines love Dara.

dara ryan bang

MCs, actors, and singers like Dara. However, she is very shy, so she always refused private meetings. She invited all of her admirers to the general party to meet at the same time. And then, well I do not know how to say anymore, I just see that.”

Although Ryan dropped the story for the audience to think for themselves, it seems that Dara has never decided to date anyone.

With her ageless beauty, great personality and her popularity which cannot be underestimated, it is understandable when so many people pay attention to her like that.

Fans keep wondering whether Dara has anyone special in mind or not. However, no matter what, fans will still support her on the road of career and love, right?

Source: YAN

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