Daesung, “Don’t Get Drunk On The Past Of BIGBANG”

BIGBANG member Daesung expressed extraordinary feelings about his long singing career and group activities

During the interview for a recent photoshoot with fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine ALLURE Korea, Daesung revealed his thoughts about BIGBANG.

Daesung is focusing on his solo activities. Confessing sincere thoughts on his first live tour in seven years, he said, “I think performing is the most valuable thing a singer can do. It is stressful during song preparation but the happiness when I begin singing and performing on stage is irreplaceable. After all, performing seems to be the driving force behind all my activities”.


When asked about the reason for his great affection for performing, Daesung said, “Thanks to BIGBANG’s activities, I was able to naturally experience the liveliness of performing. Those experiences inspired me a lot”.

Daesung said he was a little afraid when he first launched the YouTube channel “ZIP Daesung” but now he’s proud of it. He shared, “When I first received the offer, I was very worried. I think the YouTube market is already so developed and there are so many interesting channels. But I’m glad my channel is doing well. Above all, fans really enjoy it. Taeyang and G-Dragon also like it”.

Daesung debuted as a member of BIGBANG in 2006 and celebrated his 18th debut anniversary this year. When asked if he felt the feelings after silently walking a long journey, he replied, “When I go out, I meet many people say ‘I was a VIP!’. At such times, I do feel that I’ve been active for a long time”. Revealing his mindset, Daesung said, “I feel touching every time I recall those moments. But you shouldn’t get drunk on that feeling. Let’s not exaggerate it. The past is the past, and we still have our future ahead. I’m grateful to be able to sing for such a long time”.

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