“Daesang Candidate” Namkoong Min Cancels Interview For 4 Consecutive Years With “My Dearest”

Fans will not have a chance to hear Namkoong Min tell stories of “My Dearest” production process

“My Dearest” is scheduled to end on November 18th. As the production team has confirmed the extension of one more episode, the actors are working hard and passionately in such a tight schedule to complete the filming until the final episode. It’s all thanks to the huge support of viewers for the drama.

While “My Dearest” has maintained its explosive heat since Part 1 until now with high ratings, the lead actors Namkoong Min and Ahn Eun-jin also ranked high on the popularity ranking for drama cast. With such amazing achievements, this drama has saved MBC from its sluggish performance this year. As a result, many viewers are raising expectations that “My Dearest” will receive many trophies at the 2023 MBC Drama Awards with Namkoong Min being a prominent candidate for Daesang (Grand Prize).

my dearest nam goong min

Normally, interviews with the cast will be conducted after the end of a successful drama. Despite viewers’ anticipation, Namkoong Min eventually decided to not hold any interviews after much consideration. Making the announcement on November 14th, the actor’s agency asked for understanding, saying “Due to the tight shooting plan and other schedules after the drama ends, we cannot arrange any day for interviews”.

Since Lee Da-in is pregnant, it would also be very difficult for her to conduct an interview. Since behind-the-scenes stories about the drama filming are often told by the actors through such interviews, it’s such a regret that “My Dearest” fans won’t be able to know them.

In fact, Namkoong Min has not done wrap interviews for his works during the past four years, such as “Hot Stove League”, “Awaken”, “The Veil” and “One Dollar Lawyer”. The actor won the first Daesang 20 years after his debut with “Hot Stove League, and was awarded the second Daesang consecutive for “The Veil”, but viewers could never know his feelings about the two amazing works. Except for Namkoong Min, other cast members, such as Park Eun-bin (“Hot Stove League) and Kim Ji-eun (“The Veil” & “One Dollar Lawyer”), held interviews as usual.

However, it is understandable because Namkoong Min has been working nonstop since “Hot Stove League” and releasing at least one drama every year. Having filmed “My Dearest” for 11 months since last year, the actor is bearing an overwhelming amount of schedules. 

While Namkoong Min has not confirmed his next project, attention is focused on whether he will receive the Daesang trophy and shine at the year-end drama award ceremony.

Source: Daum

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