Chun Woo-hee On Reading Congratulatory Note At Fan’s Wedding, “I’m happy to repay her 13-year love”

Actress Chun Woo-hee expressed her love for fans in a recent interview.

At a cafe in Samcheong-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul on May 23rd, StarNews had an interview with actress Chun Woo-hee to discuss about her new Netflix original series “The 8 Show.”

Recently, Cheon Woo-hee drew much attention after reading a congratulatory speech at the wedding of a female fan who had supported her for 13 years. “We have been fan and actress for 13 years,” she said. “She has always watched my activities and encouraged me. It may be an actress’ privilege to receive such support and love from others and not from my own family. Now, I should give back the love that she silently sent me. No, I will give back.”

Chun Woo-hee added, “I’m always grateful to my fans. Maybe it’s because I’ve never been a big fan of someone, but I wonder how much I can like someone who is not my family or friend. I’m grateful and amazed by that,” and added, “The fan I congratulated is a person who has been supporting me for 13 years, and I wanted to repay that gratitude as she got married before me.”

She continued, “I was able to write the congratulatory message in one sitting. I wrote it while thinking of all the things I’ve wanted to say. In truth, as an actress, I’ve tried to maintain a distance between myself and fans. Being too close can sometimes hurt each other and reveal unfavorable sides, so I’ve kept that in mind, but they understood my intentions well. I expressed many of my feelings, and fortunately, they liked it very much. I was so glad to be able to do something for them. I’m not the type who can speak eloquently, so I poured only my sincere feelings into it.”

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