Choo Sung-hoon, Han Hye-jin, Psick Univ Criticized For Being Rude (Jang Won-young Is One Of The Victims)

Choo Sung-hoon, Han Hye-jin and more were criticized for their rude behaviors.

Last week, in the 4th episode of tvN’s entertainment show “Real or Rel”, Choo Sung-hoon went to a fruit market to buy some fruits. But he didn’t hesitate to call the owner a grandmother when he asked for service. Eventually, the shop owner said, ‘I’m not a grandmother, I’m just a little old?’ Choo Sung-hoon responded, ‘I’m sorry’ and turned around and started to complain. ‘Because she looks like a grandmother however I look at her.’ The host Jeon Hyun-moo defended him while embarrassed. ‘This is the truth, he can make that kind of joke because he is close to her.’

ahn jae wook
cho seong hoon

Not long ago, Han Hye-jin was also criticized as she called a woman, “A single middle-aged woman…” while the woman is only in her 20s or 30s. Based on her standards, Han Hye-jin, who was born in 1983 and is 41 years old, is also a middle-aged woman.

jang won young ive

The YouTube channel “Psick Univ” has got into a scandal due to a controversial thumbnail. It is for a video featuring Jang Won-young of girl group IVE, but it is completely different from their other content thumbnails. For other contents, the English notation is accurate. However, in the “Jang Won-young” video, the “PSICK SHOW” line and Jang Won-young’s photos overlapped. The P was covered and became an F, which looked like it was hinting a curse word, while the word SHOW appeared to be “Sh e” or “Sh y”. As they realized how controversial it was, the thumbnail has been replaced.

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