Chan-mi, “I thought AOA would become an incredible group”

AOA’s Chanmi shared how she had been doing during her hiatus and why she started hiking.

Chanmi appeared as a guest on MBN’s “Weekly Mountaineering Association” that aired on November 15th. On that day, Chanmi met MCs Yoo Se-yoon and Song Jin-woo at Jebibong Peak, Woraksan Mountain. She said, “It’s been a year since I started hiking. Jebibong Peak is not hard to feel the taste of blood on my throat. I felt my breath, and I thought I could go up all the way if I climbed at my own pace.”

The idol also updated on what she has been up to by saying, “I got a little break from work,” adding, “I thought we would be a huge group that would make the universe explode if we debuted. Everyone was like ‘Let’s make a stroke once.’ We debuted with ambition like that.”

She then said, “But it didn’t go well for about three years after our debut,” and when Yoo Se-yoon asked, “Is it because of the band concept?” “That’s right. Everyone says it was good, I don’t know why it didn’t work out, but it didn’t work out. At that time, I thought about how to solve the problem that was in front of me,” Chan-mi said.

AOA Chan-mi Weekly Mountaineering Society

Chan-mi revealed, “After AOA became successful, half of the contract period with the agency passed. I came to think, “Oh, this is how the idol life is so short.” “As I got older, I thought it might not be something I could continue to do, so I was very anxious about the future,” she said. “But I happened to have a lot of time, and I thought it was an opportunity to do what I wanted to do. So I thought, “Let’s do what I want to do,” so I started studying acting and taking lessons like this.”

AOA Chan-mi Weekly Mountaineering Society

When asked, “Have you gone to any audition?” the idol said, “I’ve auditioned a lot. But I’ve also failed a lot.” Yoo Seyoon then asked, “Don’t all the idols have their agency contact places for them?”. “That’s a misunderstanding! Really! I also start with the audition, even the 1st audition where hundreds of people gather. That’s why I’m failing lots of them,” she said with a smile.

AOA Chan-mi Weekly Mountaineering Society

In addition, Chan-mi told her story of mountain climbing. Since she had a break last year, she went to her hometown after a long time and went up the mountain she used to go to every day with her mother again. She went with her sibling and her mother’s boyfriend and built trust with each other because she wanted to get close to them while she was still in her hometown. “If you have someone you want to be with, go to the mountain,” she recommended, adding laughter.

AOA Chan-mi Weekly Mountaineering Society

“Weekly Mountaineering Society” is a full-fledged mountain road talk show on which the cast will climb famous mountains across the country every week and tell the special life stories of various hikers who they met in the mountains. As MCs, Yoo Se-yoon, the representative best friend of the entertainment industry, and actor Song Jin-woo will work together. The show airs every Monday at 11 p.m.

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