BTS’s RM: Suffered Due to Military Enlistment, Overheard Badmouthing in a Bar

RM of BTS recently disclosed his thoughts on his military enlistment issues and experience of being badmouthed in a bar. 

On May 25, a video featuring BTS’s RM and Jimin was published on the YouTube channel “BANGTANTV”. In the video, the 2 BTS members talked about RM’s solo album “Right Place, Wrong Person”.

Particularly, RM remarked, “While preparing for the new album, a lot of real-life incidents and accidents happened. It feels like the album follows these events,” adding, “Things that wouldn’t happen in a lifetime for most people happened to me. I had a completely different life.”

RM then mentioned that a friend described him as a “fun and contradictory character”, before saying, “Because I’m such a contradictory person, it was suggested that I take a break from BTS and leave behind the person I became after experiencing various incidents. We started working on this album in early February. We gathered on the HYBE rooftop with producers and composers and began. Since then, I devoted myself entirely to it.”

Later on, in a continued interview, RM shared his feelings about military enlistment. He said, “I’ve suffered for a long time. There was so much talk about my enlistment. There were even times when I was at a bar and the surrounding people badmouthed about it without knowing I was there. During that time, I faced many personal and various incidents, leaving me pondering a lot about what to do.”

RM added, “I thought, why not leave all these thoughts and feelings behind once and for all? I tried to be as honest as possible.”

Source: Daum

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