BTS’s Jin, 20 days left until discharge “Foreign media also reported intensively”

As BTS's Jin is set to be discharged from military service on June 12th, several international media outlets are showing great interest in his return

Major outlets such as Billboard, Rolling Stone and SKPOP have expressed anticipation for Jin’s return to music after his military service.

The American music magazine Rolling Stone published an article titled “BTS’s Jin Is Ready to ‘Start Working Hard Soon’ as He Nears the End of His Military Service”, noting that Jin is expected to resume his activities soon. The article mentioned Jin’s ongoing “n month’s Seokjin” series on BTS’s official YouTube channel, which he has been uploading for fans during his service.

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The article highlighted “BTS fans won’t have to wait much longer to see Jin back in action. The singer, and oldest member of BTS, shared a new video celebrating the New Year and teasing his return to music as he finishes his mandatory military service in Korea“, bringing hope to fans.

Billboard, one of the most reputable music publications globally, also expressed excitement in an article titled “BTS’s Jin Gifts ARMY With a New Year’s Message: ‘I Miss You All'”, emphasizing the anticipation surrounding Jin’s return.

bts jin

SKPOP, a global entertainment media outlet based in the U.S., also published a focused article on Jin. Titled “BTS’s Jin set to discharge from Military in less than 30 days: A look back at his enlistment, honors, & more”, the article praised Jin’s exemplary and outstanding military service, noting that he was selected as a company commander trainee and representative of his company/unit as well as received recommendations from fellow soldier trainees, officers and drill instructors.

bts jin

The excitement for Jin’s new music and activities post-discharge is growing. Fans and the global music industry are eagerly awaiting his return, speculating on how he will surprise his audience and what kind of reactions his comeback will garner.

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