Black pink Jennie and Jisoo “Pretty kids- pretty girls”

In “Running Man” Black Pink Jennie and Jisoo showed their flower beauty with their own photos.

Today, July 15th, Black Pink Jennie released a photo of her and Jisoo on Instagram
In the photo, Jisoo and Jennie are filming for the SBS show ” Running Man”. The two girls folded their arms and showed off their best friend. Jisoo showed off her small face with her head up hair, while Jennie showed off her radiant beauty.
Meanwhile, Lee Kwang Soo, a member of “Running Man” was attracted by the radiant beauty of Jennie in today’s episode of “Running Man”. 2 members of Black Pink were invited as the guests in this show to promote their comeback with the title song “ddu-du ddu-du”. This song was the top hit on the various music charts, which proves that they are one of the top popular girl groups nowadays.

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