Behind-the-scenes photos of the wedding scene of a top star couple who “got married” last week 

Currently airing on JTBC, the Saturday-Sunday drama "The Atypical Family" is gaining popularity

“The Atypical Family” tells the story of Bok Gwi-ju (Jang Ki-yong) and his family, a family with superpowers losing their abilities due to chronic disease and incompatibilities with modern lifestyles. However, their life changes after being intertwined with Do Da-hae (Chun Woo-hee).

Unlike typical Marvel or DC superhero dramas, “The Atypical Family” captures the human side of super-powered heroes, which viewers find refreshing.

im not the hero

The main characters Bok Gwi-ju and Do Da-hae are central to the plot. Their romance has captivated viewers, contributing significantly to the rising viewership and global success on Netflix. In the story, scammer Do Da-hae approaches Bok Gwi-ju with the intention of committing marriage fraud. However, through this process, the reclusive Bok Gwi-ju re-emerges into the world and rediscovers his abilities, leading their romance in an unexpected direction.

In episode 6, which aired on May 19th, the two characters get married. Although Da-hae achieves her goal, she does not want to deceive the sincere Bok Gwi-ju and eventually reveals the truth, turning the wedding to disaster. The aftermath in episode 7 sees Gwi-ju getting hurt again, his daughter Ina (Park So-yi) disappearing, and a future version of Gwi-ju appearing in front of Da-hae, setting up an unpredictable storyline.

im not the hero-Chun Woo-hee -Jang Ki-yong

Although the wedding was a tragic moment, it has set the stage for a new plot development, increasing the drama’s intrigue. Interestingly, despite the dramatic turn of events, behind-the-scenes photos of the wedding scene, showing a warm and friendly atmosphere, were released online and garnered attention. In these photos, Chun Woo-hee and Jang Ki-yong are seen arm-in-arm, showcasing their chemistry as a couple.

Additionally, Go Doo-shim as Bok Man-heum (Gwi-ju’s mother), Kim Geum-sun as Baek Il-hong (Da-hae’s mother) and Oh Man-seok as Eom Soon-gu (Man-heum’s husband) form a peculiar family dynamic, blending comedy and tragedy.

im not the hero

Regarding the shocking turn of events, the “The Atypical Family” production team stated, “A crisis has come to the earnest and thrilling mutual rescue romance of Bok Gwi-ju and Do Da-hae. The two will face continuous choices. Please watch to see if Gwi-ju can overcome the shock and win Da-hae’s heart.”

JTBC’s “The Atypical Family” airs every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 PM.

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