Because of pranks, these K-pop idols got hurt and even burst into tears

It seems that pranks are very popular in K-pop and there have been a lot of victims of this kind of entertainment. Let’s take a look to see which idols used to be the victims of pranks.

K-pop idols seem to love pranks very much and their fans are also very interested in this kind of entertainment. Through pranks, fans can see how humorous their idols are, and especially, fans truly enjoy seeing their idols prank one another.
However, many idols were put in a “half happing half crying” situation because some pranks were very serious. Some of those idols even burst into tears and sobbed. Let’s see who they are!

Yeri (Red Velvet)

She still remembers that this prank happened when she was only 12 and in 6th grade. She said: “It was my birthday. Irene, Seulgi and I were in our practice room. EXO was there too. But it seems that nobody remembered my special day”.
Then, things got worse when EXO told Yeri that she made a mistake and asked her to lock herself in a dark room: “They told me to go into a dark room and have a time out as punishment. I cried because I was so scared! I was having a time out… But it was for a surprise party. They were hiding in the practice room and came out to surprise me. They gave me a cake and sung happy birthday to me.
It turned out that Red Velvet as well as EXO tried to get Yeri out of the practice room to decorate this place and prepare a big birthday cake for her. When Yeri showed up, everyone sang happy birthday loudly to make it up to her.
yeri, happy birthday
Yeri burst into tears because she was very moved. And that is the most memorable birthday that Yeri has ever had so far. “It brings back memories.. that was a long time ago. It’s a happy memory, that’s why I told you about it. I can’t forget that birthday”.

Girls’ Generation

Girls’ Generation had a performance at a university as their first comeback after debut. The girls entered the university hall and started to perform, but all of the students there seemed not to care. When their performance ended, the students started to scream and did dismissive hand gestures, which made the girls very sad and surprised. When Girls’ Generation was extremely disappointed, the MC of the event finally revealed that it was just a hidden-camera prank.


SISTAR was involved in the same prank as SNSD, but it was a bit “more serious.” When the group tried to warm up the atmosphere during their performance, the audience looked very bored and had no reaction.
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After knowing that it was just a prank, Soyou burst into tears. This is totally not a funny prank that everyone expected because the girls truly got hurt.
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Jackson (GOT7)

In Roommate, Jackson was told that his mother took a flight from Hong Kong to attend their showcase. Jackson came from Hong Kong, so he couldn’t see his mother even though he missed her very much. It had been 2 years since Jackson left his family, and especially, his mother was sick at that time.
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Seo Kang Joon kept asking if Jackson missed his mother and was excited to meet her. While Jackson was happily waiting for his mother, Lee Guk Joo showed up and revealed that was just a prank. Jackson looked very sad because his mother didn’t really come to his showcase.

Jungkook (BTS)

On Jungkook’s birthday in 2013, BTS’s members and their management company decided to prank him. After they finished practicing, they told him that he messed up. At that time, the little boy was very sad and disappointed with himself.
got7, jackson, sad
Seeing that Jungkook believed it was true, the members immediately told him that was just a prank. Right after that, Jungkook started to sob and made his brothers extremely worried. They had to find a way to comfort him then.
This must be the most unforgettable memory of Jungkook. It’s very special to have a surprise birthday, isn’t it?
These unique pranks made our idols scared and they even cried and sobbed. In your opinion, which is the scariest one?

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