aespa’s Karina Proves Her Impact by Making Various Items Sell Out

From donning Levi’s jackets in Krush’s videos to showcasing knit sweaters on TikTok, Karina has become a trendsetter, causing items to fly off the shelves and sales to soar.

One notable item was the Engbrox scarf she wore, not only elevating the brand’s sales but also achieving a swift sold-out status.

Kloud Krush raked in a staggering 500 million won on its first day of release. 

Converse shoes in various sizes, promoted by Karina, quickly found themselves sold out.

The “Chocolate Blue” AQO Studio Space scarf, as modeled by Karina, became a viral item, disappearing from the virtual shelves of GVG SHOP.

The TheoHyoY jacket Karina wore saw not one but two sold-out runs, emphasizing her influence in the fashion world.

Even jewelry is not immune to the Karina effect. The Yvmin x Shushutong necklaces, featured in the “I’m The Drama” video, sold out in a flash. 

Beyond fashion, Karina’s social media presence is equally impressive. With 9.7 million followers on Instagram, she stands out as a top 4th gen idol, consistently garnering 3 million to 4 million likes on her posts. 

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