aespa’s Karina Makes Honest Comment About SM Songs, “Many Have Strange Lyrics”

aespa member Karina made a straightforward comment that many songs from SM Entertainment groups have strange lyrics

aespa guested on tvN’s “Amazing Saturday” broadcast on May 18th. Visiting “Amazing Saturday” for the first time, Karina revealed her wishlist, saying “I wish senior Shin Dong-yeop plays more enthusiastically”. The reason is that whenever Shin Dong-yeop becomes enthusiastic, aespa’s song “Next Level” will be played. Shin Dong-yeop then proudly performed aespa dance and said, “You guys must have watched the show a lot”.

As a fan of “Amazing Saturday”, Karina chose Nucksal as her favorite member, saying “He’s very funny”, adding “I find it funny how he sits like a nobleman but keeps throwing comments here and there. I also like his bickering moment with Hanhae and I really wanted to see it in person”.

The song for the first round was Red Velvet’s “Bing Bing”. Regarding Red Velvet, a senior group from the same company, Karina said, “I know a lot of their songs. I may not listen to the new ones yet but I know all their old songs. I listened to Red Velvet songs a lot during my trainee days”. However, after hearing “Bing Bing”, she confessed, “Maybe this is the only song I don’t know”, drawing laughter from “Amazing Saturday” members.

After failing in her first attempt, “Amazing Saturday” cast and aespa members tried the second attempt but they were not sure about the last letter. Key asked, “There’s no way our company would make such meaningless repetitions of words”. However, Karina honestly shared, “We actually have many songs with strange lyrics”. In the end, they decided to go with Winter’s answer and succeeded in the second attempt.

The song in the second round was ONF’s “Beautiful Beautiful” and they excellently succeeded in the first try.

Source: TenAsia

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