aespa’s 1st Album “Armageddon” CDP Version Sold Out Within Hours – Unprecedented in K-pop

The unprecedented CDP version of aespa’s 1st album “Armageddon” experienced massive popularity and sold out within hours. 

Female idol group aespa recently unveiled the CPD version of their 1st full album “Armageddon”, which includes an unusual feature —a CD player and earphones. The album’s immense popularity was demonstrated by it selling out on the first day of pre-orders.

Previously, SM Entertainment announced that the CDP version of Aespa’s 1st full album, “Armageddon”, will be released on July 19. It can be pre-ordered from the SMTOWN & STORE website and the KWANGYA@SEOUL music store, with availability starting on July 19. 

However, as of 3:30 PM on May 24 – just hours after pre-order opened, the SMTOWN & STORE website shows a “SOLD OUT” status.

The ‘Armageddon’ CDP version replicates the CDP form previously showcased in the highlight medley. SM described the album as a manifestation of their confidence in this project and its core musical essence, offering fans a tangible and experiential way to own and enjoy the music.

Typically, photo cards are included randomly in albums, but the ‘Armageddon” CDP album stands out by including a set of five photo cards. The album package consists of a CDP that plays all ten tracks, the five photo cards, and ten highlight medley graphic stickers. SM emphasized that this album is a reward for the fans who have been eagerly awaiting a full album.


On the other hand, aespa, who have once again showcased their distinctive group color with the double title track “Supernova” and its quirky alien concept, clinched first place on Mnet’s “M Countdown” with “Supernova”. They also achieved real-time and daily number one positions on major domestic music charts such as Melon, Bugs, Flo, and Genie. On Spotify, the world’s largest music streaming platform, the song surpassed 21 million cumulative streams.

On the other hand, aespa’s first full album, “Armageddon”, which includes a total of ten tracks, including the title track “Armageddon”, will be released in full on May 27.

Source: Daum

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