aespa Karina went viral for unreal CGI-like visual in latest comeback, said to be the next visual goddess by netizens

Korean netizens have been relentlessly praising aespa Karina for her explosive visuals in the group’s comeback with “Girls”

Recently, Korean netizens have been calling aespa Karina the next representative visual of Kpop, standing neck-to-neck with IVE Jang Wonyoung and ITZY Yuna. In fact, some are even comparing Karina to beauty goddesses of previous generations with her outstanding appearance that resembles computer graphics in aespa’s latest comeback with “Girls”.

In particular, a stage of “Girls” has recently gone viral because of Karina, who was wearing blunt bangs. Here, the female idol looked so surreal, she was compared to a character who walked out of a comic book or from the famous video game “Final Fantasy”. From her spectacular facial features to flawless physique and overflowing stage presence, even the strictest audience had to melt. “Is this CGI? Can a human look like this?”, a netizen exclaimed. 

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