aespa directly responded to Bang Si-hyuk’s message “Can you step on aespa?”

Girl group aespa aims for the top with their new album “ARMAGEDDON”

On May 27th, aespa held a showcase for their first full-length album “ARMAGEDDON” at Blue Square in Yongsan-gu, Seoul.

This album marks aespa’s first full-length album release in 4 years since their debut, featuring the narrative of season 2, which expands their world view from the real world and digital world to the multiverse. The album promotes the slogan “I define myself”, encapsulating aespa’s unique concept and identity, promising to showcase a new side of the group.


Winter explained, “We focused on doing what is most ‘aespa-like’. We thought a lot about what defines us and prepared with that in mind.”

Karina added, “We don’t want to classify our music as ‘easy listening’ or ‘hard listening’. We just want it to be known as ‘aespa’s music’. We kept our unique color for the title track and expressed various colors through other songs.


With over 1 million pre-orders for this album, aespa’s comeback is off to a promising start, though it faced some concerns due to recent issues. Last month, HYBE’s Chairman Bang Si-hyuk made remarks about aespa that stirred controversy. ADOR’s CEO Min Hee-jin, who is currently in conflict with Chairman Bang, revealed in a press conference that Chairman Bang had sent her the message, “Can you step on aespa?

Karina addressed this, saying, “Since it’s our first full-length album, we were focused on practicing. Thanks to fans’ support and love, we prepared diligently, and we’re grateful for a satisfying start. I’m thankful to the members and the company.


She added, “We are aware (of Chairman Bang’s message), but the public’s love is something we earned through our hard work and dedication. Thank you for loving the song ‘Supernova’.”

Regarding their relationship with ADOR’s NewJeans, Karina said, “We recently exchanged hearts with NewJeans in the waiting room, telling them we love them and enjoy their work. There’s no issue; we’re good colleagues.

Ningning shared, “Every artist has their own unique color and charm, so comparisons or replacements don’t make sense.”

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