aespa Achieves No.1 Despite Going Against K-pop Trend With “Supernova” 

Not following the trend of producing simple and easy-listening songs, aespa still captivated listeners with their unique music

aespa dropped the double title track “Supernova” ahead of the release of their first full album “Armageddon” but listeners showed mixed reactions. Some praised the song for its freshness while others complained that it was difficult to listen to. 

Despite that, “Supernova” just rose to No.1 on music charts a few days ago, proving that the public has become addicted to its catchy melody and lyrics.


When K-pop first became mainstream music in the global market, it stood out for having uniqueness. As time passed, more K-pop songs gradually followed a standardized formula and at some point, people began to say K-pop has become monotonous and boring. 

While the K-pop industry is focusing on producing “songs that will never fail” and “easy-listening songs”, aespa’s efforts to consistently walk their own path are gaining recognition from the public. Korean and overseas K-pop fans are pouring compliments on aespa and SM Entertainment for their contribution to the diversity of K-pop.


aespa will release another title song “Armageddon” together with their first full album of the same name on May 27th. “Armageddon” is a hip-hop dance song with an intense synth bass sound and an old-school yet trendy vibe. Containing the subjective message of “Only I can define myself”, the lyrics harmonize with the members’ voice tones to provide an upgraded atmosphere of aespa’s signature music.

As such, aespa is gaining huge attention again by providing music listeners with a new experience, in which the first taste may feel a little confusing but the middle taste is fresh and the end taste is addictive.  

Source: daum

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