A Chinese drama copies “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” poster so obviously that even Chinese people can’t deny 

A drama poster that resembles the poster of tvN’s drama “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?” appeared in China.

This is a poster of the drama “Once We Get Married,” which began airing on Tencent TV, a Chinese OTT, on April 15th.

In the poster released by “Once We Get Married,” the navy-colored velvet sofa is placed in front of the same-colored wall with a bright gray-toned rug laid on the floor. The male and female characters are seen sitting on the sofa, and above the main characters, the title of the drama is written in pink.


If you look at the poster of “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” which was released four years ago, Park Seo-joon and Park Min-young, the male and female leads, are sitting side by side with their legs crossed and arms crossed on the navy-colored wall and velvet sofa. The color and material of the rug on the floor are almost the same as those in the poster of “Once We Get Married.” The poses of the main characters are slightly different to say that they used the Korean drama as references, but the poster composition and color are almost 99% similar.


Korean netizens who saw the poster of “Once We Get Married” responded by saying, “It is a country of plagiarism” and “It’s not even surprising anymore.” Chinese netizens are also responding negatively, saying, “Oh my God, it’s exactly the same,” “I even thought the sofa and rug were photoshopped and pasted from the original,” “Stop copying,” and “I’m embarrassed to death.”

Meanwhile, tvN’s drama “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” is a romance between a narcissistic vice-chairman (Park Seo-joon) and his secretary (Park Min-young) who has perfectly assisted him. The drama was broadcast in 2018 and became very popular.

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