A BLACKPINK dance cover of 2 Japanese influencers went viral: Is it on par with the original?

What makes this dance cover video draw attention? 

BLACKPINK has been absent from the Kpop music scene for more than a year, but the group’s social media coverage is still at the top. Not only BLACKPINK’s members constantly appear in articles, but their past hits are also covered by fans all the time. Recently, two Japanese influencers unexpectedly went viral thanks to their “fiery” cover of BLACKPINK’s song.

Specifically, the 2 girls were dancing to the remix of BLACKPINK’s smash hits including Kill This Love, DDU-DU DDU-DU and How You Like That. The video is only 15 seconds long, but netizens are amazed by their pretty visuals, enviable body proportions and dancing skills that are no less outstanding than the original. 

Kill This Love remix dance cover
Both are tall and have good body proportions
Kill This Love remix dance cover
The point choreography of Kill This Love

The comment section is filled with praise for the two Japanese girls. These two also shared that doing Kpop covers and posting them on social networks is only a hobby to do “for fun” in their spare time. Practicing the dance for this 15-second video was not easy for them at all. 

Kill This Love remix dance cover
BLACKPINK has not made a comeback for over a year but their songs are still often covered

In particular, netizens also pointed out an interesting detail in this cover. It is the “unmoved” bangs of one of the two girls. No matter how fiercely she moves along to the choreography, her bangs stay the same without being messy. This makes netizens think of the iconic million-won bangs of BLACKPINK’s maknae Lisa.

Kill This Love remix dance cover
One of the two girls is noticed for her unmoved bangs that is exactly the same as Lisa’s 
Kill This Love remix dance cover
Lisa’s bangs is known to be legendary 
Kill This Love remix dance cover
Her bangs always stay in place when Lisa is dancing 
Kill This Love remix dance cover

Netizens commented:

  • The girl at the front has bangs that stays in place no matter how strongly she dances, just like Lisa.
  • They’re too hot!
  • This cover is on par with BLACKPINK 
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