7 Kpop idols can easily “blend into” other groups

From visuals, vibe to talent, fans believe that these 7 Kpop idols, apart from their groups, can still easily integrate with other groups.

Perhaps Kpop fans have also experienced this feeling: You watch a certain group perform and think that another K-pop idol might fit well to become a member of this group.  There can be many reasons for this, either that the idol possesses the visual or vibe that matches the group’s concept, or their singing and dancing talent is very similar to that group’s orientation.

Of course, Kpop idols are inherently the most perfect pieces in their own groups.  But if they could ‘blend into’ another group, which group would you think it was?  Recently, Kpop fans on the Reddit forum have come together to answer this question, and here are 7 combinations that are considered to be the best and most reasonable.  Let’s see if you have the same thoughts as them.

Jisoo (BLACKPINK) – Red Velvet


Many Reddit users believe that Jisoo possesses a visual and aura that is very suitable for Red Velvet.  In fact, Jisoo was once invited to cast by SM, but she refused because she was a trainee under YG.  Many people think that Jisoo’s visual suits SM’s taste.

7 kpop idols can easily blend into other groups 2


7 kpop idols can easily blend into other groups 3

Rocky is the main dancer and lead rapper of ASTRO.  The male idol’s excellent choreography and expressive stage presence are highly appreciated and suitable to be a member of SEVENTEEN.  Even fans said that Rocky can blend into the Pledis male group.

Siyeon (Dreamcatcher) – BLACKPINK

7 kpop idols can easily blend into other groups 4

Siyeon is said to have a personalized look, a girl-crush vibe that fits well with BLACKPINK’s concept.  On the other hand, the female idol is the main vocalist of Dreamcatcher, so she could also take on the vocal segment if she joined the YG girl group.

Soobin (TXT) – ASTRO

7 kpop idols can easily blend into other groups 5

Soobin possesses a handsome visual, both fresh, sweet and fit well with mysterious and attractive concepts, which is very suitable for ASTRO.  Fans also discovered that Soobin can also easily ‘blend’ into ASTRO without being detected because he looks very similar to ASTRO’s Sanha.

7 kpop idols can easily blend into other groups 6

HyunA – EXID

7 kpop idols can easily blend into other groups 7

Fans said that if HyunA became a member of EXID, it would be a perfect combination.  HyunA not only can carry out the group’s sexy or girl crush concepts but also exudes a feminine aura.  Just thinking of HyunA dancing ‘Up & Down’ or ‘Hot Pink’, the fans were already excited.

HyunA and LE (EXID) once had a collaboration in the song ‘Black List’

Yeonjun (TXT) – ATEEZ

7 kpop idols can easily blend into other groups 8

If the leader of TXT Soobin is suitable to be a member of ASTRO, Yeonjun can easily ‘blend’ into ATEEZ.  ATEEZ has a completely different style from TXT, but that will not make it difficult for Yeonjun to become an “imposter”. Fans believe that the male idol possesses a visual, temperament, and performance style that is very similar to ATEEZ.  Some netizens believe that the male idol would explode even more if he was really a member of the group.  Especially in real life, Yeonjun is also close friends with the ATEEZ members because they have known each other since the trainee period.

J-Hope (BTS) – Stray Kids

7 kpop idols can easily blend into other groups 9

Kpop fans on Reddit claim that if J-Hope was a little younger, he could join Stray Kids.  The reason is that the male idol possesses both impressive dancing and rapping abilities, completely suitable for Stray Kids’ passionate performances and unique style.

And you, which group do you think your idol can easily ‘blend into’?  Please share your opinion.

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