66-year-old actor Kim Gap-soo is a real ARMY, even paid for the BTS’ fan club membership

Actor Kim Gap-soo has certified that he is in the official fan club ARMY of BTS.

On Feb 21st, a production briefing session for the movie “Hot Blood” was held online. Director Chun Myung-kwan, actors Jung Woo, Kim Gap-soo, Choi Moo-sung, Ji Seung-hyun, and Lee Hong-nae attended the event.

Kim Gap-soo is an ARMY

Park Kyung-rim, who was in charge of hosting, said, “Kim Gap-soo is an ‘ARMY’, a member of BTS fan club, and the name of the role played by actor Lee Hong-nae is pronounced the same.” Kim Gap-soo then said, “I’m a paid ARMY, not just any ARMY,” drawing laughter. He then said to Lee Hong-nae, “Your name is Ami, and I am a paid ARMY. Let’s be close to each other. Try your best,” he said.

Kim Gap-soo is an ARMY

Kim Gap-soo is known as a long-time fan of BTS. Kim Gap-soo has also revealed that he is a fan of BTS through various programs, and in 2020, he drew attention by leaving a selfie taken at Jimin‘s regular restaurant on Weverse, a fan community of BTS.

Kim Gap-soo is an ARMY

Meanwhile, the movie “Hot Blood,” starring Kim Gap-soo, is a movie about a fierce battle of survival between Hee-soo, an influential figure in Guam which is a port on the outskirts of Busan where only worse people remains, and the bottom gangsters to survive there in 1993.

The work will feature actors Kim Gap-soo, Jung Woo, Choi Moo-sung, Ji Seung-hyun, and Lee Hong-nae.

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