“45-year-old” Lee Hyori declares giving up on natural pregnancy “I can’t have a baby because of my age + No IVF”

Singer Lee Hyori dreams of having a child naturally, but she seems resigned due to her age

On the May 26th episode of JTBC’s “Come travel with me, Mom?”, Lee Hyori and her mother Jeon Gi-soon embarked on their first trip together to Gyeongju.

Lee Hyori admitted that she and her mother have not always had a close relationship, and she was excited about their first mother-daughter trip. Jeon Gi-soon described her daughter as a diligent and successful woman who entered the entertainment industry through her own efforts and became the family’s breadwinner. Lee Hyori introduced herself as “Jeon Gi-soon’s youngest daughter, a top star for 22 years”.

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Gyeongju was the destination chosen by Jeon Gi-soon. They traveled by train and car, cherishing their time together. Lee Hyori’s father has dementia and has lost about 20% of his memory, requiring her mother’s care. Hence, a longer trip was not feasible, and Lee Hyori also found it challenging to take time off due to her family and pets. She explained that she agreed to the program because she felt it might be her last chance to travel with her mother.

lee hyori

During their conversation, the topic of Lee Hyori having a child came up. Although she had wished for a child for years, she said, “I can’t have one now because of my age.” Her mother encouraged her, “Why don’t you give it a shot like others do?” However, Lee Hyori expressed her reluctance to go through in vitro fertilization, stating, “I don’t want to go that far.” Her mother, respecting her determined and intelligent daughter, did not press further for a grandchild.

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