4 TXT Members Show Concerning Health Conditions During Tour, HYBE Heavily Criticized

HYBE has come under fire for imposing a heavy tour schedule despite 4 out of 5 TXT members showing signs of poor health.

Currently, TXT is embarking on the US leg of their world tour “ACT: Promise”, with a total of 11 performances in 8 stops. However, fans of TXT have not been able to fully enjoy the tour, as 4 out of 5 members have shown concerning health conditions amid their busy schedules. 


Particularly, even before the US leg, back during performances in Korea, Soobin has been unwell, to the point of even collapsing while performing. 

Then, later on on May 18, Huening Kai mentioned in his live stream that he fainted right after TXT’s Oakland concert on the same day, rousing concerns among fans. 


Additionally, according to Taehyun, he couldn’t sing until the day before the rehearsal of a show, leading to him feeling sad, depressed, and frustrated. Yeonjun also added that Taehyun had to endure a 39-degree Celsius fever to practice for the group’s performances. 

Finally, on May 21, Beomgyu’s nose suddenly bled in the middle on TXT’s concert in Los Angeles, leading to him having to leave the stage. As nosebleeds can occur as a result of exhaustion and stress, it can be considered a sign for Beomgyu’s poor health. 

This means that so far, 4 out of 5 members of TXT can be seen visibly struggling, but their agency shows no actions, angering fans. 

Currently, HYBE and Big Hit Music – which is in charge of TXT, is flooded with criticisms from fans, who demand the agency to treat their idols better and take care of their health.

Source: Krb, X

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