3 details in BTS’s Seoul promotional video recently amazed Korean netizens: What a different class!

Korean netizens think that BTS's recent 'EoGiYeongCha Seoul' video is one of the group's best promotional videos.

Recently, the Seoul city government and BTS released a new video on September 9, which is part of the tourism promotion campaign ‘Your Seoul Goes On‘.  This is the 5th year that BTS has been active as an Honorary Tourism Promotion Ambassador of Seoul.

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This latest promotional video continues to showcase the diverse cultures and traditions that draw people from all over the world, and gives visitors a glimpse of Seoul’s impressive tourist attractions. The campaign title is based on the title of BTS’ pandemic-inspired hit, “Life goes on,” both sending a message of strength, hopefulness and unity amid the pandemic. 

So what does “EoGiYeongCha” exactly mean? This is a word that is chanted in unison whenever they want to strengthen each other.  Korean fans of BTS explained that it is almost like a traditional onomatopoeia that gives an atmosphere of encouragement and motivation while making an effort to do something.  It is usually used when fishermen pull their nets or row their boats with all their might.

The video honours the indomitable spirit of the people who live in Seoul, which is emphasised as Korea’s national capital. Through the phrase ‘Your Seoul Goes On,’ BTS provided a message that Seoul would never stop, meaning that even in the midst of the pandemic, Seoul is continually working to develop and get better.

Immediately after its release, the promotional video for ‘EoGiYoengCha Seoul BTS‘ became a hot topic on Korean online forums.  Here are 3 details that make Korean netizens most impressed.

BTS members’ explosive auras and visuals

BTS has always been loved by Koreans thanks to their efforts to promote their home culture to the world. In this video, they do it again, but not in the old way.

All 7 members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook wore outfits that were a combination of suits and traditional Korean motifs. Each member has their own concept-constructed solo scene showing their identity associated with a cultural feature or a beautiful scene of Seoul.

Wearing the right outfit enhanced BTS‘s visuals and brought a sense of luxury to this travel promotional video, many Korean netizens said that they love the scene when the members step out together because it is not only an explosive visual combination but also brings a sense of power that makes everyone admire.

The opening verse of V (BTS)

The opening paragraph of a promotional video is always very important because it must attract viewers from the first time. And BTS‘s ‘EoGiYeongCha Seoul‘ video does a great job of that. In the fast-paced sound that makes people nervous and excited, V opened with the line ‘EoGiYeongCha‘ with his characteristic deep voice. Many Knets after watching the video said they got goosebumps when they heard V read that ‘EoGiYeongCha‘.

Jungkook’s impressive drumming scene

Knets’ most favorite scene belongs to Jungkook. Accordingly, in his solo, the youngest member of BTS played the traditional Korean drum from the Joseon era. Jungkook‘s strong drumming style as well as Jungkook‘s aura made many people have to replay this segment because it was so impressive.

  • The video is amazing, BTS is so cool too
  • So cool!!! I wish they wore a lot of Hanboks!! They will let everyone in the world know that Hanbok is from our country ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
  • Wow their coordi did so well
  • Wow, this is a video that makes me want to live in Seoul ㅠㅠ The song is so good
  • They aren’t from Seoul, but they are all from Korea. BTS is amazing!! Jungkook is so cool….my heart flutters… ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
  • They are so cool. I’m a fan of another idol, but I’m proud of this
  • It’s a video that has a harmony between tradition and modernity. I love BTS so much
  • Really amazing ㅠㅠ Why do I thank BTS for being Korean?
  • I’m not even an ARMY, but I’m so proud of them
  • I’m glad that the BTS members are all Korean ㅠㅠ
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